I’m moving

Folks, I have an announcement of great social and political import!

Well, not really. But it’s pretty cool.

I’m moving. I’m not actually moving, but this blog is. It’s moving over to the ChicagoNow network. I’m really excited about this, folks. ChicagoNow is a huge network of Chicago-based and Chicago-centric bloggers. Some of my favorite bloggers are part of that group and I’m honored to be a part of it.

I really hope you’ll all continue to read, comment and enjoy. The new blog can be found here:

Again, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll all head on over to the new site and check it out. Cheers, everyone.



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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

If you’re celebrating, celebrate safely. If not, enjoy your Thursday.

If you see me out and about, feel free to give me candy. I’ll even be in costume. I decided to jump on the “sexy + job title = Halloween costume” bandwagon this year and dress as a sexy dog walker. Not a sexy walker of dogs, mind you, but rather a walker of sexy dogs. I figure that’s easier than trying to make myself sexy.


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