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Being ballsy can pay off

I like to preach that taking chances – especially in the dating arena – is generally a good thing.

That said, I’m terrible at taking my own advice. I’m very timid when it comes to dating and doing things that could potentially get me dates. The few times I’ve done ballsy things in the pursuit of a date, it hasn’t really resulted in much.

But it can, as I’ve recently found out, pay off.

On Sept. 6, I found myself (as I have so many times in the past) at the Abbey Pub for the monthly free Tossers show the first Friday of the month. I was by myself, enjoying some Irish music and several glasses of Jameson on the rocks.

The waitress who made sure my Jameson glass remained full was very sweet and looked like someone who would be right up my alley. Great smile, tattoos, calm and easygoing demeanor.

The show ended and I was full of whiskey, though not sloppy. I told the waitress I’d like to close my tab. She brings me my receipt to sign and I do. But I do more than that. I write my name and phone number on the back of the customer copy, along with a note asking her to give me a call if she ever wanted to have a drink with me. In my world, that’s pretty ballsy. I blame the whiskey.

Some time goes by and I don’t hear anything from her. I’m not really surprised. She was a young, attractive waitress who probably got hundreds of phone numbers from customers and probably didn’t respond to any of them. So I put it out of my mind.

Fast forward to Nov. 1. Again I’m at the Abbey to see the Tossers. I sit down at a table and she’s there. She comes up to me and says hi very excitedly. We exchange greetings and then she surprises me. She said she’s glad I came because she lost my phone number after that last show. So I get a napkin and write it down again for her (yes, I know the phone-number-on-napkin thing is kind of trite, but I also think it’s kind of cute) and tell her I’d like to have a drink with her. She says she’d like that.

The end result is that we’re going out this week. Wednesday, in fact, as it’s her night off.

I’ve had a spell of bad dating luck of late, so this was nice. Hell, it may only be one date. But the mere fact that she cared enough that she lost my number to ask me for it again was a huge confidence boost.

The long and the short is that I’m glad I finally took my own advice and took a chance. Even if this lady and I only hang out once, it’s worth it.

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Learning from our mistakes

George Santayana wrote in The Life of Reason that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

That, apparently, is a lesson I need to learn, at least when it comes to dating. I’ll explain.

Last Friday, as I have so many times before. I went to the Abbey Pub. I was there for the same reason I’d been there many times before: It was the first Friday of the month and members of The Tossers (the band whose song “Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow” I stole for the title of this blog) were playing their monthly, free “First Friday” show. It’s an unplugged show and it’s always a wild time.

And this particular Friday, I had a date with me. It was someone I’d been out with a couple times before. But that night was our last date.

I was sort of surprised, but looking back, I realize I shouldn’t have been.

You see, I go to the Tossers’ “First Friday” shows pretty much every month and I’ve taken several dates there when I haven’t gone by myself. And without fail, every time I take a date there, it’s the last date I have with that person. And last Friday was no exception.

It doesn’t matter how many dates I’ve been on with someone. If they come with me to see the Tossers on the first Friday of the month at the Abbey Pub, it will be the last date. I’m not sure why.

And yet, even after this happened a couple times, I continued to bring dates there. And every time, like clockwork, it was the last date. If it was a first date, there was no second. If it was a third date, there was no fourth. And so on and so forth.

So I think the time has come to break the pattern. I’ve already invited a buddy of mine to next month’s first Friday show and he’s down for it. But even if something comes up and he can’t make it, I’ll go either by myself or with another friend. I will not bring a date.

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